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Chromebook 1:1

Chromebook computer imageThe goal of 日本无码 is to achieve Deeper Learning through engaging learning environments, collaborative learning partnerships, high yield pedagogical practices, and the leveraging of digital technology.

By embedding digital technologies into classroom practice, we accelerate, amplify, and add value to learning. Chromebook 1:1 will enhance learning by creating a personalized student-centred learning environment. The use of Chromebooks support collaborative inquiry and expand learning beyond the classroom.

All students entering Grade 9 will receive a new Chromebook (rugged educational version). Students will have access to their assigned Chromebook through till graduation.


A parent/guardian is required to sign the HSD Chromebook 1:1 User Agreement (on behalf of the student), and a Responsible Use of Technology Agreement must be on file at the school. 日本无码 provides low-cost insurance coverage that protects against accidental loss or damage to the Chromebook. Agreement and Insurance forms are accessible in the HSD Parent Portal.